George Harrison’s Wives: Olivia Harrison & Patti Boyd Come Together For A Rare Photo

We recently did this story,  John Lennon’s Wives: Yoko Ono & Cynthia Lennon Come Together For Rare Photo.  Here’s another set of The Beatles wives coming together.  This time it’s George Harrison’s widow Olivia Arias Harrison and his ex-wife Patti Boyd.  They both look a bit awkward and uncomfortable in both photos, check it out…

George Harrison's Wives Olivia Arias Patti Boyd The Beatles

Olivia Harrison Patti Boyd Photo Together George Harrison Wives

Here’s one of Mr. Harrison with both his wives taken in September of 1993 at the wedding of friend Marjorie Bach.

George Harrison Olivia Arias Patti Boyd Wives Together

John Lennon’s Wives: Yoko Ono & Cynthia Lennon Come Together For Rare Photo


  1. alfina911 says:

    Well, considering Pattie’s own account was that she was heartbroken when her ‘true love of her life’ remarried – to Olivia…

  2. says:

    Actually, I think they're friendly, considering. Why Pattie ever left George for Clapton is a mystery to me …. I think she came to regret it. But as lovely as Pattie was, Olivia was good for George at the end of his life. And Dhani is …gorgeous.

    1. AlfinaHawaii says:

      Read Pattie’s autobiography “Wonderful Tonight” – it is subtitled “George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Me.” She tells it all – including when and where she finally told George she was leaving him – for Eric.

  3. blankend says:

    Is that Paul's 'Grandfather' from Hard Days Night with them?

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