Taylor Hawkins’ The Beatles Inspired “Drop T” Logo Foo Fighter Drum Head

Looks like Taylor Hawkins has added a new The Beatles Drop T Logo inspired bass drum head to his Foo Fighters drum kit.  Bad Ass!!!

Taylor Hawkins Foo Fighters The Beatles Logo Drum kit

Here’s Hawkins’ Foo FIghters logo next to Ringo Starr’s The Beatles logo…

Taylor Hawkins The Beatles Foo Fighters Drop T Logo

The Beatles Foo Fighters Drop T Logo Taylow Hawkins Ringo Starr

Hawkins and Starr with their Drop T logo’s side by side.

The Beatles Foo Fighters Drum Kits Ringo Starr Taylor Hawkins

Click below to read the story on The Beatles “Drop T” logo…

Ivor Arbiter: The Man That Unwittingly Designed The Beatles Famous “Drop T” Logo

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