Marty McFly’s Guitar In “Back To The Future” Was Actually From The Future

There are a bunch of corrections and retractions in this article. has been corrected by the Guitar Gods Geeks of the world. Thank You!!!

The guitar Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) plays in the 1985 classic movie “Back To The Future” is a 1958 Gibson ES-335 ES-345.

Marty McFly Guitar Back To The Future Gibson ES-345 Michael J. Fox

So, apparently on his way back to 1955, Marty must have made a quick stop in 1958 to pick up the guitar because that was when it was first produced by Gibson. Here’s the Gibson catalogue from 1958.

Gibson ES-345TD Back To The Future Marty McFly Guitar

The biggest difference is Marty’s guitar was retrofitted with a Bigsby Vibrato. Here’s a good close-up shot of Marty’s guitar…

Back To The Future ES-335 Gibson Guitar Marty McFly

McFly was emulating Chuck Berry and playing Berry’s classic song “Johnny B. Goode” before it was ever released, thus insinuating that Berry got the idea for the song from McFly.

Marty McFly Chuck Berry Gibson ES-335 Guitar

Berry is famous for playing a Cherry Gibson ES-335 but he also has played an ES-345 & ES-355 as well.

Chuck Berry Gibson ES-335 Marty McFly Guitar Back To The Future


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  1. michaelraymond35@gma says:

    This is an ES-355.  Learn to Vintage.

  2. Alex says:

    In the movie Fox plays a cherry Gibson 345, a guitar that Chuck used in the early '60. Now it seems he prefer the 355.

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