Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Beatles Wife???

Each member of The Beatles has been married twice with Sir Paul McCartney now going on his third..  We want to know who is the favorite Beatle wife of each member???

George Harrison

Patti (Boyd) Harrison -January 21, 1966 – June 9, 1977

Olivia (Arias) Harrison – September 2, 1978 – 2001 (his death)

George Harrison Wife Patti Boyd Olivia Arias The Beatles

John Lennon

Cynthia (Powell) Lennon – August 23, 1962 – November 8, 1968

Yoko (Ono) Lennon – March 20, 1969 – 1980 (his death)

John Lennon Wife Wives Cynthia Lennon Powell Yoko Ono

Paul McCartney

Linda (Eastman) McCartney – March 12, 1969 – 1998 (her death)

Heather (Mills) McCartney – June 11, 2002 – March 17, 2008

Nancy Shevell – October 9, 2011 – ???

Paul McCartney Linda Eastman Heather Mills Nancy Shevell The Beatles Wives

Ringo Starr

Maureen (Cox) Starkey 1965 – 1975

Barbara Bach – April 27, 1981 – ???

Ringo Starr Starkey Maureen Cox Barbara Bach The Beatles

And finally, who is the overall winner of The Beatles Wives???  Vote Below!!!

The Beatles Wives

That awkward moment!!!

John Lennon’s Wives: Yoko Ono & Cynthia Lennon Come Together For Rare Photo

George Harrison’s Wives: Olivia Harrison & Patti Boyd Come Together For A Rare Photo


  1. alfina911 says:

    I think there’s no contest here…. Though I can’t believe that Yoko scored higher than the innocent Cynthia.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Linda is the all time favorite

  3. pattie says:

    jane asher is my favourite haha

    1. AlfinaHawaii says:

      Never a Beatle wife, Ms. Asher. Despite the fact that she and Paul were once a ‘dream couple’ they still never took it to the marital stage.

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