Question: How Can Queen & Led Zeppelin Both Suck???

Question: How Can Queen & Led Zeppelin Both Suck???

Answer:  When not only did both bands (Queen & Led Zeppelin) sign off on these horrible covers of their classic songs but they also performed and appeared in the music videos. A bad cover of a classic song is a terrible thing but a bad cover of a classic song with members of the original band involved is downright blasphemous.  

Here you have a British boy band named Five doing a cover of Queen’sWe Will Rock You” released in 2000 featuring Brian May and Roger Taylor on the track and in the video.

Five Queen We Will Rock You Brian May Roger Taylor

This song with it’s horrible rapping and obnoxious singing somehow charted at #1 on the UK Singles Chart.

A few years earlier in 1998, we have Puff Daddy’s song “Come With Me” which samples the Led Zeppelin song “Kashmir” and features none other than Jimmy Page playing on the track and appearing in the video.

Puff Daddy Come With Me Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin Kashmir

This terrible song reached #2 in the UK and #4 in the US.

After you throw up in your mouth a little bit please take the time and vote on which one of these songs sucks more.

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