Beck “Odelay” Really Strange Album Cover

We recently did this story on Wilco (The Album) Strange Cover Photo Location which used a Camel in front of a restaurant parking lot in Wisconsin.  That album made us think of the Beck album cover for “Odelay”.

Beck Odelay Abum Cover Komondor Dog Photo

It’s a random photo of a rare Hungarian breed of dog with thick matted hair named a Komondor.  Beck chose the his album cover at the last minute when his girlfriend showed him this actual photo below taken by dog photographer Joanie Ludwig.

Beck Odelay Album Cover Komondor Dog

And for your enjoyment, here’s an alternative photo of the same dog jumping over the hurdle.

Beck Komondor Dog Odelay Album Cover

Simply Amazing!!! Click the photo or link below to find out the story behind the Alice in Chains 3 legged dog album cover.

Alice In Chains Tripod Three Legged Dog Album Cover

Jerry Cantrell’s Dog “Sunshine” Was The 3 Legged Dog On Alice in Chains Album Cover

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