Ringo Starr Playing The Guitar

Most professional musicians can play just about every instrument but seeing these photos of Ringo Starr playing the guitar are just about as awkward as Anthony Kiedis Playing The Guitar Live.

Ringo Starr Playing Guitar The Beatles

Starr once said, he only plays A-D-E chords although he has played a few more chords on some of his solo albums.

Ringo Starr Plays Guitar The Beatles

Here’s a few more cool shots of Ringo strumming the guitar.

Ringo Starr The Beatles Playing Guitar

Ringo On Guitar

Ringo Starr Playing The Guitar_The Beatles

Looks like Ringo really likes that E chord.

Ringo Starr Playing The Guitar

Ringo never filled in for Paul McCartney on bass or guitar but Paul did fill in for Ringo on drums on a few Beatles tracks.  Click below to find out which ones…

The Beatles Songs That Paul McCartney Played The Drums On


  1. nora says:

    welcome to my country Richie!!!(Argentina!)

  2. blankend says:

    Notice he is playing the same chord in each picture.

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