Breanne (Brieann) O’Connor: Kurt Cobain’s Half Sister

We did this story not too long ago about Kurt Cobain’s Sister Kimberly “Kim” Cobain.  In doing that story, we noticed that Kurt was also a big brother of two other half-siblings as well.  He has a half-brother from his father Don’s second marriage born in 1979 named Chad Cobain and also has a little sister Breanne O’Connor from his mother Wendy’s second marriage. It has been written that Kurt adored his little sister and was very close to her.

Kurt Cobain Sister Breanne Brieann O'connor Nirvana

Here’s Breanne in an early photo with her big brother’s band and a more recent photo…

Kurt Cobain Sister Breanne O'Connor Nirvana Mother Wendy

Here’s a great photo of Kurt holding his daughter Frances Bean Cobain with his mother Wendy and little sister Breanne, as well as a more recent one of her holding her brothers guitar that was being put up for auction.

Kurt Cobain's Sister Brianne Breanne O'Connor

Breanne O'Connor Kurt Cobain Step Sister

Breanne was even thanked in Nirvana’s “In Utero” special thanks section…

Kurt Cobain Nirvana In Utero Thank You Breanne O'Connor

Breanne was long rumored to be the little girl wearing the KKK outfit in the Nirvana’sHeart Shaped Box” video. These rumors were incorrect.  The girl in the “Heart Shaped Box” video is Kelsey Rohr.

Breanne Brieann O'Connor Kurt Cobain Sister Nirvana Heart Shaped Box Video

Here’s another photo of Kurt holding his little sister with his then girlfiend Tracy Marander in 1988.

Kurt Cobain Little Sister Breanne O'Connor Brianne

Breanne also appeared on an episode of The Osbournes called a “A LIttle Ditty About Jack & Brieann” where she gets picked up for a date with Ozzy’s son Jack Osbourne from Courtney Love’s house.  Check it out…

The Osbournes – S02E18 – A Little Ditty ‘Bout… by wearefamily1

Here is a photo of both Kurt’s sisters Kim Cobain (red shirt on the left) and Breanne O’Connor (black dress on the right) at the Nirvana Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony on April 10, 2014.

Kim Cobain Breanne O'Connor Kurt Cobain Sisters 2012

We couldn’t find a photo or any information of Kurt’s half brother Chad Cobain but we are on the look-out.

UPDATE: With some clues from readers we found Kurt’s Half-Brother Chad Cobain.  Click below…

Chad Cobain: Kurt Cobain’s Half Brother

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