The John Frusciante Stalker

John Frusciante has filed for a restraining order against a woman named August Elizabeth Thomas.  Here’s a photo from her Facebook.  She lives in Hollywood, CA and still likes John Frusciante on Facebook.

August Thomas John Frusciante Stalker

Thomas originally approached the Frusciante with the intention of writing a screenplay about his life and after he declined, she sent him a stream of long, aggressive emails.  Frusciante also alleges that Thomas showed up to concerts where his wife Nicole Turley was performing to talk about her script.  Frusciante statement read,

“I fear both for my safety and for my wife’s safety. Given that my wife and I are musicians and often play at venues around the world, it is hard for us to avoid Ms. Thomas if she is free to continually show up to harass us.”

Here’s John and his wife Nicole.

John Frusciante Nicole Turley Red Hot Chili Peppers Stalker

Beware: Here’s a personal quote from August Thomas’  IMDB page.

“They say you can’t die of a broken heart. Yes you can. It’s called suicide.”

August Elizabeth Thomas John Frusciante Stalker

Anyone else on her Likes page on Facebook should be on the look-out..

August Elizabeth Thomas John Fruscinate Stalker

Proof That John Frusciante Is Jesus Christ!!!


  1. david says:

    hahaha! jesus with glasses! lol

  2. david says:

    "They say you can't die of a broken heart. Yes you can. It's called suicide."
     Yeah! if you break it with a knife!

  3. lol says:

    actually i think its funny, the girl will be famous now thanks to john

  4. says:

    "JOhn, didn't you mean to say given that you are a musicician and your wife is a "musician,"

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