OMG!!! Michael Jackson’s Image Appears In Flowers During Stevie Wonder Performance At MJ Memorial

Call me crazy but I see it as clear as day!!!  Look at the circle next to Stevie Wonder as he performed at The Michael Jackson Memorial at Staples Center and you can see the image of Michael Jackson face in the flowers.

Michael Jackson Image In Flowers Stevie Wonder MJ Memorial Staples Center

I know it kinda seems like a Virgin Mary sighting but here’s the image of the flowers close-up and MJ’s face from the cover of Thriller.

Michael Jackson Face In Flower Memorial Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder Michael Jackson Memorial MJ Image In Flowers

We added this animation in case you don’t see it…

Michael Jackson Ghost Image MJ Memorial Stevie Wonder Performance

This was not photoshopped either.  Here are two other captions from live feeds of the concert one from MSNBC and one from Fox News Channel.

Michael Jackson Memorial Image In Flowers Stevie Wonder

Michael Jackson Image In Flowers Stevie Wonder Jackson Memorial

Am I imagining things or do you see it too?  And before anyone makes any smart as comments, “No, Stevie did not see it”.

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