Scott Stapp Is Rocks Biggest Megalomaniac

Scott Stapp of Creed has no reason to be on other than to make fun of what a megalomaniac he is.

Megalomania – a mental illness characterized by delusions of grandeur, power, wealth, etc…

Megalomaniac Sign #1 – You strike Jesus Christ Poses

Scott Stapp Creed Megalomaniac Jesus Christ Pose

Scott Stapp Jesus Christ Pose Creed

Megalomaniac Sign #2 – You actually levitate over the audience in the same Jesus Christ Pose…

Creed Scott Stapp Jesus Christ Pose Megalomaniac

Scott Stapp Loves Himself

Megalomaniac Sign #3 – You kiss you own reflection in water.

Scott Stapp Creed Loving Himself

Megalomaniac Sign #4 You clone yourself in order to save yourself from drowning during a flood in your video.

Scott Stapp Creed My Sacrifice

Scott Stapp Megalomaniac

Scott Stapp Saving Himself My Sacrifice Video Creed

Scott Stapp saves Scott Stapp let us pray…

Scott Stapp Creed Praying

That Scott Stapp guy sure is a piece of work.  Click below to check out Dave Grohl making fun of him…

Foo Fighter Dave Grohl’s Cover Of Creed’s “Arms Wide Open”


  1. Jofi says:

    Thats not a Jesus pose dumb fuck, its him praising him…

    1. feelnumb says:

      wow!!! calling me \”dumb fuck\” is really mean.


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