Farrokh Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury born September 5, 1946 in Zanzibar, East Africa

Farrokh BulsaraFreddie Mercury” was born 65 years ago today on September 5, 1946 in Zanzibar, East Africa (Tanzania).

Freddie Mercury Queen Birthday September 5, 1946 Farrokh Bulsara

Here’s little Farrokh’s birth certificate.

Farrokh Bulsara Freddie Mercury Queen Birth Certificate Zanzibar

The Bulsara family home in was located on Kenyatta Street, Stone Town, Zanzibar.  Here’s a google satellite image…

Freddie Mercury Farrokh Bulsara Zanzibar House Queen

As a child Freddie lived in Zanzibar, studied in India and eventually moved to to England in 1964 following the Zanzibar revolution.  Years later he would of course form the band Queen and as they say “the rest is history”…

Here’s a picture of Freddie in 1985 celebrating his 39th birthday as only Freddie Mercury can…

Freddie Mercury Queen Birthday September 1964

Click below to see the last known photos of Freddie Mercury alive.

Freddie Mercury Queen Last Photo Garden Lodge Home 1991

The Last Photos of Freddie Mercury Alive


  1. simon says:

    The map is pointing to Kenyatta/Shangani area, but the pick is of lebanon brother down Chavda Road.

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