The Beatles In KISS Make-Up By Mr. Brainwash

I came across this awesome piece of art by Mr. Brainwash portraying The Beatles in full KISS make-up.

The Beatles In KISS Make-Up By Mr. Brainwash

Attention to detail, as each member of The Beatles make-up was chosen according to the insturment they play.

Guitar – John Lennon using Paul Stanley’sStarchild” persona

Bass – Paul McCartney using Gene Simmons‘ “The Demon” persona

Guitar – George Harrison using Ace Frehley’sThe Spaceman” persona

Drums – Ringo Starr using Peter Criss’The Catman” persona

I loved this piece so much I bought one for myself and got it professionally framed and it looks amazing.  Check it out…

Raul Feelnumb The Beatles Kiss Mr. Brainwash

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  1. AlfinaHawaii says:

    Looks good on Ringo! But the rest of them I don’t care for :-/

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