Kurt Cobain’s “Kill The Grateful Dead” & “Punks Not Dead” Tee Shirt

Kurt Cobain once wore this cool “Punks Not Dead” shirt that shows a cartoon duck with a mohawk flipping the bird for a Nirvana photo shoot.  It also seems like Kurt wrote “Kill The Grateful Dead” right above the duck’s middle finger.

Kurt Cobain Kill The Grateful Dead Shirt Nirvana

Here’s a close-up.

Kill The Grateful Dead Kurt Cobain_Shirt

Kurt had been quoted as saying he thought The Grateful Dead was overrated, but I wonder if the fact that a young Courtney Love was on the back cover of The Grateful Dead album “Aoxomoxoa” had anything to do with his statement?

Courtney Michelle Love Harrison Grateful Dead Aoxomoxoa Album Photo

Fact: Courtney Love Was On The Back Cover Of The Grateful Dead Album “Aoxomoxoa”

Whatever the reason, we need to make this shirt.


  1. FUHGAWZ says:

    There are some great shots of Thurston Moore wearing this shirt as well in the doc 1991: The Year Punk Broke. The shots are contained on some of the bonus material found on the DVD that was just released.

  2. alienhybrid@gmail.co says:

    where can i buy the shirt kurt is wearing i love itand i want to know if anyone has any knowledge on where i can get it from?

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