Photo Of John Lennon And Bob Dylan Smoking Is A Fake!!!

Lots of people love this really cool photo that has been making the rounds on the internet of Bob Dylan and John Lennon backstage smoking.

John Lennon Bob Dylan Smoking Backstage

The only problem is that it is a photoshop fake!!!  Here is the actual picture of Lennon lighting up backstage with Paul McCartney behind him before a Beatles concert.  As you can see, no Bob!!!

John Lennon The Beatles Smoking Backstage Bob Dylan The Beatles

I can’t find the exact Dylan photo used for the fake but it is from this photo session.

Bob Dylan John Lennon Smoking Together

Don’t believe the hype if it’s too good to be true.  For your enjoyment, here is a cool “real” photo of Dylan and Lennon in the back of a car.

John Lennon And Bob Dylan Photo In Car

Fake!!! Photo Of Bob Marley & Jimi Hendrix Playing Soccer Backstage

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