Keith Richards vs. Mick Jagger: Who Has The Hottest Daughters???

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger have always had a love/hate relationship. They have slept with each others women, had shouting matches and have had a strained relationship for decades.  I don’t know if they have every argued over this issue before but we want to know.  Who has the hottest daughters???

Keith Richards has three daughters Angela “Dandelion” born in 1972 to Richards first wife Anita Pallenberg and daughters Theodora (1985) and Alexandra (1986) to his second wife Patti Hansen.

Keith Richards Daughters The Rolling Stones Angela Dandelion Theodora Alexandra

Mick Jagger has four daughters Kira (1970) with Marsha HuntJade (1971) with Bianca Jagger and Elizabeth (1984) and Georgia (1992) with Jerry Hall.

Mick Jagger Daughters Kira Jade Elizabeth Georgia The Rolling Stones

Now it’s your time to vote.  Which Rolling Stone has the hottest daughters???  Vote below.

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