Jack White’s 1950’s Kay Hollowbody Archtop “Paper Bag” Guitar

I’ve always been intrigued by Jack White’s 1950’s Kay Hollowbody Archtop guitar that he covered in a paper bag.  White uses this guitar when performing “Seven Nation Army” with The White Stripes.

Jack White Kay Hollowbody Paper Bag Guitar The White Stripes

It was covered in a paper bag to help to stop feedback though the f-holes in the hallowbody.

Jack White Kay Hallowbody Archtop Guitar Paper Bag

At some point on the Icky Thump tour most of the paper bag had fallen off and the f-holes were exposed.  Also, part of the pickguard was cut off.  Check it out…

Jack White Kay Hollowbody Archtop Paper Bag Guitar

According to White, he recieved the Kay guitar back in the day as payment for some upholstery work.  He also used this guitar when he played “Seven Nation Army” in the movie “It Might Get Loud“.

Jack White It Might Get Loud Paper Bag Old Guitar

Check out Jack’s three custom Gretsch acoustic guitars named after beautiful old cinema stars.

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  1. Fine Archtops says:

    It is a nice guitar though and if it works for him, good for Jack.

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