Led Zeppelin Remasters “Crop Circles” Album Cover Location: East Field, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire UK

Led Zeppelin used this photo of crop circles with a Zeppelin shadow for their 1990 “Remasters” compilation album.

Led Zeppelin Remasters Crop Circles Photo Australia

The “Remasters” album was released on October 15, 1990 just four months after the crop circles appeared on July 12, 1990 in East Field, Alton Barnes, in Wiltshire UK.  It consisted of swirled circles, concentric rings, keys, spurs and coffin-like boxes, all linked together by a long corridor of flattened crop.

Famous Crop Circles Led Zeppelin Alton Barnes Wiltshire

Here’s a great ground level photo of the circles.

Crop Circles Led Zeppelin Remasters Wiltshire UK Alton Barnes

Led Zeppelin Remasters Crop Circles Album Cover East Field Alton Barnes

Maybe the crop circles were meant to remind people of the Led Zeppelin symbols.

Led Zeppelin Symbols Crop CirclesClick the story below for the story about the ZOSO meanings.

Led Zeppelin IV “ZOSO” Symbol Meanings

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