Bono’s U2 Touring Sunglasses

Bono on his fetish for sunglasses “I have very sensitive eyes to light. If somebody takes my photograph, I will see the flash for the rest of the day.  My right eye swells up.  I’ve a blockage there, so that my eyes go red a lot. So it’s part vanity, it’s part privacy and part sensitivity.”

Here’s a breakdown of the many sunglasses Bono’s used for the most recent U2 tours.

U2 360° World Tour

Bono Sunglasses 360 Tour Emporio Armani EA 9592/S

Emporio Armani EA 9592/S – $130.00

Emporio Armani Bono 360° Tour Glasses

U2 Vertigo Tour

U2 Vertigo Tour Bono Sunglasses EMPORIO ARMANI 9285

Emporio Armani 9285

Emporio Armani 9285 Bono Vertigo Would Tour Glasses

U2 Popmart Tour

Bono U2 Popmart Tour Glasses

Alain Mikli 3214

Bono Popmart Tour Glasses Alian Mikli 3214

U2 Zoo TV Tour

Bono Zoo TV Fly Glasses U2

Vintage Fly Glasses (click for info on these glasses)

Bono Has Short Man’s Complex So He Wears Lifts


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