POLL: Best “Band Of Brothers” With Sibling Members?

In putting this list together, I was quite surprised at the quality of bands that have siblings in them.  Which of these bands do you think is the best “Band Of Brothers”.  Here are the nominees…

 AC/DC (Angus & Malcolm Young) – The Beach Boys (Brian, Carl & Dennis Wilson)

Sibling Bands Brothers AC/DC The Beach Boys Young Wilson

Kings of Leon (Caleb, Jared & Nathan Followill) – The Kinks (Ray & Dave Davies)

Kings of Leon The Kinks Brother Bands

Radiohead (Jonny & Colin Greenwood)  – Oasis (Liam & Noel Gallagher)

Radiohead Oasis Brother Bands Siblings

Stone Temple Pilots (Dean & Robert DeLeo) – Van Halen (Alex & Eddie Van Halen)

Stone Temple Pilots Van Halen Brothers

Make your pick down here,,,

Honorable Mention: The Black Crowes, The Stooges, Credence Clearwater Revival, PanteraThe Gap Band.


  1. AlfinaHawaii says:

    To be honest… the All Time best Band of Brothers is The Beatles.

    I know they’re not really siblings, but they might as well be.

  2. frictionmachine says:

    Don’t forget the Fogerty brothers in CCR!

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