Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters Like To Make Fun Of Coldplay

The Foo Fighters video for the song “Walk” is a humorous take on the super intense Michael Douglas film Falling Down (1993).

Dave Grohl Michael Douglas Falling Down Foo FIghters Walk Video

In the video while sitting in traffic, Dave Grohl sees several bumper stickers that do their part in setting him off.  After seeing a COEXIST bumper sticker, he then spots a “Beiber is my copilot” and a “Thank you President Bush” sticker.

Bieber Is My Co-Pilot Bumper Sticker Foo Fighters Walk Video

Thank You President Bush Foo FIghters Walk Video

The funny thing is that what really sets him off is when he spots this COLDPLAY sticker.

Foo Fighters Coldplay Bumper Sticker Walk Video

Chris Martin has recently claimed that he feels “the world fucking hates Coldplay” but Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters have confessed to liking the” Coldplay guys” but they enjoy making fun of them.  In tis interview, Grohl says all three bumper stickers “fit pretty well together” and says “we don’t hate Coldplay, we just like to make fun of them” at around the 4:15 mark of this video…

Poor Chris Martin, not really poor but I’m sure it hurts his feelings…

Dave Grohl Foo Fighters Chris Martin Coldplay

Here’s a photo of Grohl with a few of the Coldplay guys,  Jonny Buckland and Will Champion.

Dave Grohl Foo Fighters Coldplay Will Champion Jonny Buckland

Here’s the Foo Fighter video for “Walk“…

The Foo Fighters Would Only Share A Dressing Room With Oasis Or Led Zeppelin

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