The Foo Fighters & Taylor Hawkins Really Really Love Rush

Foo Fighters love Rush!!!  Here’s photos of Taylor Hawkins showing all kinds of love for one of his favorite bands Rush

Taylor Hawkins Rush Fan Foo Fighters

taylor hawkins foo fighters rush chevy metal

Here’s a cool photo of Hawkins with Geddy Lee

Taylor Hawkins Geddy Lee Rush Foo Fighters

When the Foo Fighters played the Air Canado Centre in Toronto in 2009 at the end of Hawkins’ drum solo Dave Grohl announced that he wanted to introduce a couple of his friends … “Geddy Lee and Alex Fucking Lifeson!”   Hawkins then played the Rush song YYZ with Lee and Lifeson.  After the song was over Alex & Geddy left the stage without saying a word.

Grohl meanwhile bragged about it for the rest of the show saying,

“We just had Rush play at a Foo Fighters concert”

Rush Foo Fighters Toronto Canada Taylor Hawkins Dave Grohl Geddy Lee Alex Lifeson

Check out this low budget Rush 2112 tank top Hawkins obviously made himself…

Taylor Hawkins 2112 Rush Foo FIghters

Reminds me of this low budget Van Halen shirt Grohl made for himself…

Dave Grohl’s Sharpie’d Van Halen Shirt

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