Nirvana (UK) Covers Nirvana (Seattle) Song “Lithium”

Kurt Cobain wrote this announcement down in one of his journals after deciding to name his band Nirvana.

Nirvana Band Name Kurt Cobain Nirvana UK

What he did not realize was that there were two other bands already named Nirvana.  A small unsigned Los Angeles based band and a UK based band that had released their debut album in 1967 on Island Records.

Nirvana UK Sues Nirvana

Both bands sued Nirvana (Seattle) for Trademark infringement.  Nirvana (LA) received $50,000 while Nirvana (UK) settled for $100,000.  The settlement with Nirvana (UK) allowed both bands to use the name Nirvana and to continue issuing new recordings without any packaging disclaimer to distinguish one Nirvana from the other.

Nirvana (UK) was even planning a tongue-in-cheek album called Nirvana Sings Nirvana that was shelved when Kurt Cobain died.  One of the songs “Lithium” was later issued  as part of a box-set of Nirvana (UK).  Check it out…

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  1. exnorwegian says:

    Never heard about the Nirvana sings Nirvana idea! My band Ex Norwegian has been doing Nirvana (UK) covers in the style of Nirvana (Seattle) to add to the mix.

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