George Harrison & Pearl Jam!!! Oops…I Mean Dhani Harrison & Pearl Jam

Dhani Harrison looks so much like his father that I guess this as close as we can ever get to seeing The Beatles George Harrison perform with Pearl Jam.  On September 3, 2011 during PJ’s Destination Weekend 20 Year Anniversary concert at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre, Dhani was invited on-stage by Pearl Jam.

Here is a photo of Dhani on-stage with Jeff Ament.

Pearl Jam Dhani Harrison Jeff Ament

Here’s a youtube clip of “State of Love and Trust” with Harrison from the September 3rd show…

Here’s a clip from the next night September 4th with Harrison joining PJ on “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

Dhani, who as a young boy met Pearl Jam through his father at a Bob Dylan festival in 1992 and reconnected with Eddie Vedder through his band mate in Fistful of Mercy and Vedder’s good friend Ben Harper.

Dhani said,

Eddie looked at me and was kinda like, “Oh my God, you’re that kid! You were that kid from all those years ago, but you grew up.” And it was really funny ’cause he took me over to his stereo and he showed me that he had a copy of the Fistful of Mercy record. And I was just so blown away. Getting approval from your heroes is a very cool thing in life. I highly recommend it to anyone.”

Eddie Vedder Dhani Harrison Pearl Jam

Here’s another shot of Harrison backstage that Mike McCready sent out via his twitter @MikeMcCreadyPJ

Mike McCready Dhani Harrison Pearl Jam

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