Disneyland Chose Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs To Rock Both Parks

In December of 2006, Disneyland announced that two Red Hot Chili Peppers songs were chosen as the soundtracks to be featured for “Rockin’ Both Parks” (Disneyland & California Adventure).

Red Hot Chili Peppers SPace Mountain Disneyland Rockin' Both Parks

Space Mountain in Disneyland and California Screamin’ in California Adventure both received remixed versions of RHCP songs to “heighten every twist, turn, rise and drop of the attraction.”  Space Mountain used an edited/remixed version of “Higher Ground“.  Check it out…

California Screamin’, used an edited/remixed version of “All Around the World“.  Check it out.

As a proud “Californian” band as mentioned in countless Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, I am sure they must have been excited about Disney’s choice in music.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs That Mention California, Los Angeles or Hollywood…

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