Ian Curtis Of Joy Division Died Here

Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division committed suicide in his parents house on 18th May 1980.  The address is 77 Barton Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire East SK11 6RQ, UK.

Ian Curtis Joy Division Suicide House 77 Barton Street Macclesfield

Joy Division was supposed to arrive in New York the next day on May 19, 1980 to start it’s first U.S. Tour which was obviously cancelled after his death.  Here is a photo of Curtis at the last Joy Division show before his death on May 2, 1980 at High Hall, Birmingham University (now known as Chamberlain Hall).

Ian Curtis Joy Division Last Show May 2, 1980 Birmingham High Hall

Here’s what High Hall looks like, the bottom floor is the venue…

Birmingham University Joy Division Last Concert May 2, 1980

Curtis, who suffered from epilipsy and depression, hung himself in the kitchen after becoming despondent about his marriage, his music career and an affair he was having with a journalist.  Here is the last photo of Curtis taken by his wife Deborah five days before his death on May 13, 1980 with his daughter Natalie.

Ian Curtis Natalie May 13, 1980 Last Photo Joy Division

The actual house was featured in “Control”, the 2007 biopic of Ian’s life, directed by Anton Corbijn.  Here’s a screen shot of the house in the movie…

Anton Corbijn Contol Ian Curtis Joy Division

Finally click on the photo below for the Google Street View link that brings you right to the front of the Curtis home…

Ian Curtis Home 77 Barton Street Suicide

R.I.P. Ian Curtis

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