Genesis Paid Tribute To The Beatles On The Album Cover Of 3X3

We recently did a story on how The Clash Pays Tribute To The King Elvis Presley on the cover of “London Calling”.  Prog-Rock legends Genesis paid tribute in the same manner to The Beatles for the front and back cover of their 1982 E.P. 3X3.  Check it out…

Genesis 3X3 E.P.  The Beatles Twist And Shout Album Covers

Here’s the back cover…

The Beatles Twist And Shout Genesis 3X3

In 1986, Genesis once again used a Beatles album cover for inspiration for one of theirs.  This time they took the “With The Beatles” album cover for the “Land Of Confusion” single cover.

With The Beatles Genesis Land Of Confusion Single

Believe it or not, a young Phil Collins was an extra in The Beatles film “A Hard Day’s Night“. Check it out…

Phil Collins Was An Extra In The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” Movie


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