George Harrison “OHNOTHIMAGEN”

George Harrison released his disappointing “Dark Horse” album in 1974.  The album and tour were rushed and did not allow Harrison ample time to recover from a bad case of laryngitis.  The album and tour were panned by critics and dubbed “Dark Hoarse” because of the sound of Harrison’s voice.  When it came time to release his next album “Extra Texture (Read All About It)” in 1975, Harrison decided to poke a little fun at his waning popularity by including the caption “OHNOTHIMAGEN” under his photo in the album.

George Harrison Extra Texture OHNOTHIMAGEN

“OHNOTHIMAGEN” means “Oh not him again“.  Although the words “ONO” and “IMAGEN” pop out to me, i’m sure it was not intended as a jab at John Lennon and Yoko Ono.   George is awesome…

George Harrison OHNOTHIMAGEN

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