Van Halen “A Different Kind Of Truth” Album Cover Rips Off The Commodores “Movin’ On” Album Cover

Van Halen released “A Different Kind Of Truth” on February 7, 2012 their first new album in 14 years. The release also marked the first Van Halen album with David Lee Roth since they released “1984”  28 years ago.

Van Halen A Different Kind Of Truth The Commodores Movin' On Drefuss Hudson J3A Steam Train

Sadly the art department couldn’t even come up with an original idea for the album cover.  The album cover uses a reverse negative of the same photo of a locomotive that was used for the cover of The Commodores 1975 album “Movin’ On“.

The Commodores Movin' On Van Halen A Different Kind Of Truth

The image seems to be this 1938 stock photo of a New York Central Railroad J-3A Drefuss Hudson steam locomotive.

New York Drefuss Hudson J-3A Van Halen The Commodores Steam Locomotive

I hope the comeback album is better than this unoriginal album cover.

UPDATE: A reader sent us this link to The Franklin Mint Historic – New York Central – Limited Edition Fine Art Print.  This is the same photo used for the Van Halen album cover.  Thanks…

The Franklin Mint Van Halen A Different Kind Of Truth Album Cover Photo Train Exclusive Photo: Van Halen The 1984 (MCMLXXXIV) Album Cover


  1. EdSullivan says:

    Van Halen’s album cover has no connection to the Commodores cover. Here is the correct source for the VH cover:

    1. raul says:

      Thanks for the input. We added an update to the story with your info.


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