Led Zeppelin DVD Cover Photo Location

Led Zeppelin released this double DVD simply titled “Led Zeppelin DVD” in 2003.

Led Zeppelin DVD West Mitten Buttes Arizona

The cover art for the DVD features the West Mitten Buttes, as photographed from the Navajo Tribal Park in Monument Valley, Arizona.  Here’s a view from the visitors center where the photo was taken.

Led Zeppelin West And East Mitten Buttes Monument Center DVD Photo

Led Zeppelin West Mitten Butte DVD Photo Cover

No reason was given as to why Led Zeppelin used this for the cover of the DVD.  Zeppelin also used crop circles for their remasters album cover with no explanation as well.

Led Zeppelin Remasters “Crop Circles” Album Cover Location: East Field, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire UK


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