Bruce Springsteen’s Ode To Elvis On The “Born To Run” Album Cover

The iconic Bruce Springsteen photo taken for the cover of 1975’s “Born To Run” album featured a small ode to Elvis Presley.

Bruce Springsteen Born To Run Elvis The King Button N.Y.C.

Springsteen has a “Kings Court” Elvis Presley Fan Club of N.Y.C. button on his guitar strap (on the cover) and leather jacket (during photo shoot).  Here’s a cool photo of Springsteen proudly displaying his Elvis button…

Bruce Springsteen Born To Run Elvis Button

Here’s a photo of Elvis meeting members of “Kings Court” N.Y.C. fan club in 1973.  You can see the fan club members proudly wearing the same button Bruce wears on the “BTR” album cover.

Bruce Springsteen Kings Court Fan Club Bruce Sprinsteen

I wonder what Elvis thought about his likeness on the album cover since he was still alive when the “Born To Run” album came out?  Springsteen is a huge Elvis fan and often tells a story about how he hopped the fence at Graceland in attempt to meet Elvis in 1976 during a “BTR” tour stop in Memphis.  Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt decided to visit Graceland at 3 a.m.  After noticing the lights on inside the house, he climbed over the wall and ran to the front door but was stopped by security before he could actually ring the doorbell.  Explaining his newfound rock fame and his recent magazine covers on both Time and Newsweek, Springsteen begged to be let inside.  The guards told him that Presley was out of town (which was true) and escorted him back to the sidewalk.

Bruce Springsteen Born To Run Elvis Presley
What if “The Boss” would have actually met “The King“???  Pretty awesome.

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