The Led Zeppelin “Swan Song” Records Logo

Swan Song Inc. is the now defunct record label launched by Led Zeppelin on May 10, 1974. Here is the Swan Song Inc. logo directly from their letterhead.

Led Zeppelin Swan Song Inc. Logo Record Label

The Swan Song company logo was made by designers Hipgnosis and based on this 1869 painting by painter William Rimmer called “Evening” or The Fall of Day” featuring a picture of the Greek god Apollo.

Led Zeppelin Swan Song Logo William Rimmer Evening The Fall Of the Day

Because the logo appeared on the Led Zeppelin “Physical Graffiti” album, many people have confused it as a Led Zeppelin logo.

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti Swan Song Logo

The logo appeared on all Swan Song releases not just Led Zeppelin albums.  Check out the logo on the Bad Company self-titled debut album released by Swan Song.

Bad Company Swan Song Logo

 Swan Song had both a UK and US addresses.

UK Address: 484 Kings Road, London, SW10 UK (John Paul Jones Travel Case)

Swan Song 484 Kings Road Led Zeppelin John Paul Jones
US Address: 444 Madison Avenue, New York, New York, 10022 USA (Return Address Envelope)
Led Zeppelin Swan Song New York Office 444 Madison Ave

Swan Song ceased active operations in 1983, and now exists only to reissue previously released material but the logo lives on.  It still shows up on Led Zeppelin hats, shirts and memorabilia all of the time.

UPDATE: On June 29, 2015 Led Zeppelin posted this photo that looks like a proof of the Swan Song logo on their official Facebook page.

Led Zeppelin Swan Song Logo Wings Angel APollo

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