George Harrison & John Lennon’s Versions of The Beatles “Get Back”

Get Back” might be the only song by The Beatles that has studio recorded versions with individual lead vocals by Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison.  McCartney wrote the song and his version was the one released by The Beatles on “Let It Be“.  Lennon’s version was recorded during The Beatles “Get Back” sessions.  Check it out…

 Harrison’s version was actually a guide vocal for a cover of “Get Back” by Doris Troy an Apple recording artist that Harrison produced.

Her version appeared as the flip side of her second single “Jacobs Ladder/Get Back” released on Apple  on Aug. 28th, 1970.

Doris Troy Get Back George Harrison Version Apple Records

Harrison,  Ringo Starr and possibly Eric Clapton played on the Troy’s version of “Get Back“.  Check it out…

Finally, even Ringo sang his version of  “Get Back“.

The original “Get Back” is still a classic but it started off pretty racist.  Click the link below to get to that story…

The Beatles – Get Back “No Pakistanis” version

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