Guns N’ Roses “GN’R Lies” Wife Beating Censored Album Cover

When Gun’s N’ Roses released their “Lies” E.P. after the success of “Appetite For Destruction” the album cover was a parody of tabloid newspapers.  Two statements about domestic abuse that were on the original album cover had to be removed and replaced.  Here is the original version that included the statements,

Wife-beating has been around for 10,000 years” and “Ladies, welcome to the dark ages“.

Guns N' Roses GN'R Lies uncensored album cover

And here is the censored version using the replacement lines “LIES, LIES, LIES” and “Elephant Gives Birth To Midget“.

Guns N' Roses Lies EP Censored Album Cover

It’s crazy that Axl Rose who has been accused by several ex-girlfriends of domestic abuse would put those statements on an album cover.  Cocky to say the least.

Guns N’ Roses Custom Album Warning Stickers

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