WTF??? Michael Jackson Chugging Vodka With Two Midget Girls On His Lap

This photo of Michael Jackson swigging Smirnoff Vodka from the bottle with two midget girls on his lap seems “to good to be true.”  Many people have said it is has to be photoshopped.

Michael Jackson Captain EO Vodka Midget Girls On His Lap

But it’s 100% legit!!!  It was taken in 1986 during the rehearsals for the filming of Captain EO.  The two girls in the photo Cindy Sorenson and Debbie Carrington play one of the characters in MJ’s flight crew in the film. Here is a photo of Jackson from The Making of Captain EO meeting the girls during rehearsal…

Michael Jackson Midget Girls Drinking Vodka Captain EO

Here’s a photo of MJ in the same outfit sitting with Francis Ford Coppola

Michael Jackson francis ford coppola Captain EO

Somehow these photos actually make him seem more normal then make him stranger. Check out this photo of Michael drinking a Budweiser beer next to “The BossBruce Springsteen during the USA For AfricaWe Are The World” recording session…

Michael Jackson Drinking A Beer Budweiser We Are The World

And finally MJ smoking a cigarette…

Michael Jackson Smoking A Cigarette

I don’t know why people still seem to think Michael was so innocent considering his cause of death and all his legal problems. 

Michael Jackson & “Blanket” Jackson Balcony Incident Location – Hotel Adlon Berlin Germany

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