VOTE: Best Drum Kit – John Bonham “Vistalite Kit” vs. Keith Moon “Pictures of Lily Kit”

IMHO John Bonham’s Ludwig “Amber Vistalite” drum kit and Keith Moon’s Premier “Pictures of Lily” drum kit are the two most icoic Rock N’ Roll drum kits ever played.  So as we always do in the poll section, we ask for your opinion…

Keith Moon Pictures Of Lily John Bonham Amber Vistalite

Bonham got his famous Vistalite Drum Kit in April of 1973 right before Led Zeppelin kicked of their 1973 US Tour after the release of their newest album “Houses of the Holy“.

John Bonham Vistalite Drumkit Ludwig Led Zeppelin Keith Moon

Bonham was one of the first to play this new line of acrylic see through drums from Ludwig and his was the only amber-tinted kit of the first run.

John Bonham Vistalie Drum Kit Led Zeppelin Amber Keith Moon

Moon had Premier custom-build at least three of these kits to his specification and the kit was first used in July 1967. Moon decided to incorporate The Who’s most current single “Pictures of Lily” into the design.

Keith Moon The Who Pictures Of Lily Drum Kit John Bonham

He last used this kit in December 1968 and famously blew one of them up during The Who’s Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour appearance.

Keith Moon The Who Pictures Of Lily Drum Kit John Bonham

So which drum kit is your favorite???  Vote below…


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