“Fashionista” Kayne West Disses The Way People Dress But Sports A Leather Skirt

On May 5, 2012, A very snobby Kanye West (via @kanyewest Twitter) sent this barrage of tweets insulting the way people on the streets of NYC dress.  Here is is in order…

Kanye West Twitter Fashion Hate Detest Leather Skirt

According to Kanye, a button up shirt with a hoodie is a fashion faux pas and this coming from a guy that wears an oversized moo moo shirt with a black leather skirt and black leggings.  Here’s some shots of “Mr. Fashion”  Kanye West during the Kanye West/Jay-Z Watch The Throne Tour 2012.

Kanye West Leather Skirt Watch The Throne Tour 2012 Fashion

Kanye West Leather Skirt Fashion Clothing Moo Moo

Yeezy needs to clean his own yard before knocking on his neighbors door. That skirt and moo moo is not a good look…

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