John Lennon’s Solo Album Features Paul McCartney & George Harrison On The Cover

On February 21, 1975, John Lennon released an album of late 1950’s and early 1960’s covers called “Rock ‘n’ Roll“. The album cover features a 1961 photo of Lennon in a doorway in Hamburg, Germany with three blurry figures walking past him in the foreground.

John Lennon Rock N Roll Album Cover Location Hamburg Germany

Those figures are Paul McCartneyGeorge Harrison and Stu Sutcliffe.  The Beatles drummer at the time Pete Best chose to not come along.  I can’t really tell for sure who is who but the order from left to right seems to be Harrison, Sutcliffe and McCartney.

Here’s the actual photo used for the album cover taken by photographer Jurgen Vollmer at Jäger-Passage…

John Lennon Rock And Roll Album Cover Photo Hamburg Germany

11 photos were taken that day at the same location.  The photos collection is known as The Savage Young Beatles.  Here is an out-take from the session…

John Lennon Rock And Roll Album Cover Location Germany Doorway

The address location is Wohlwillstraße 22 D-20359 Hamburg, Germanyin St. Pauli. If not for the John Lennon factor, it’s basically an ordinary, worn wooden door in an unassuming brick building.

John Lennon Rock 'N' Roll Album Cover Doorway Location Hamburg Germany

Despite all the animosity between The Beatles at the time, it’s cool to see Lennon did not mind including George and Paul on the album cover.  When the album was remastered and released in 2004 there was a short bonus track called “Just Because (reprise)” where Lennon gives his band mates a shout out, he says,

“It’s all down to Goodnight Vienna, I’d like to say hi to RingoPaul and, George… how are you? (and) Everybody back home, in England… what’s cookin’?”

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  1. AlfinaHawaii says:

    According to Wikipedia, John Lennon's "Rock n' Roll" album was released in early 1975 (Feb 21, 1975).

    That would mean this album was primarily recorded during John's separation from Yoko and his self-imposed exile to L.A., during which time he had a brief contact with Paul and Linda indeed. They even jammed together sometimes during that period of time.

    I think the Animosity part was gone by then – or mostly gone. And I think it was during this I believe (in early 1975) that John signed the dissolution of The Beatles' Partnership agreement as well.

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