Radiohead “OK Computer” Promotional Items

Radiohead released their groundbreaking album “OK Computer” in June of 1997.

Radiohead OK Computer Promo Items Floppy Disc Radio Walkman

With it’s release the band included several unconventional promotional items that have now become collectables.  First, there was this 3.5 inch floppy disk with RadioheadOK Computer” screen savers for Windows 3.1 or 95.

Radiohead OK Computer Floppy Disk Disc Screensaver

Then there was this FM radio in the shape of a desktop computer.

Radiohead OK Computer FM Radio Promo Item

In America, Capitol Records sent 1,000 cassette players to prominent members of the press and music industry, each with a copy of the album permanently glued inside.  The sticker on the Walkman said Radiohead OK Computer with the July 1, 1997 US release date.

Radiohead OK Computer Walkman Promo Item Release date

On delivery of “OK Computer” to Capitol Records, the label lowered its sales estimates due to the album’s unconventional, unmarketable sound.  Drummer Phil Selway said,  Capital Records saw “OK Computer” as “more or less, ‘commercial suicide’.

“They weren’t really into it. At that point, we got the fear. How is this going to be received?”  

Label representatives were reportedly disappointed with the lack of potential marketable singles, especially the absence of anything resembling their initial hit, “Creep”.  I guess none of these “experts” heard “Karma Police” on the album.

Did you know Radiohead (one word) was named after a Talking Heads song called “Radio Head” (two-words).  Click photo or link below to read about it…

Talking Heads True Stories Album Radio Head Song Radiohead Band Name

Radiohead Was Named After The Talking Heads Song “Radio Head”

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