Complete Radiohead “Kid A” Album In 8-bit

I’ve heard a few different 8-bit (video game) covers of songs before but this complete 8-bit version of the Radiohead album “Kid A” is by far my favorite.  The Composer name is Quinton Sung and he also did “OK Computer“.

Radiohead Kid A Album 8 bit Version

8-bit was widely used in home computers and video game consoles of the ’70s and ’80s so these sounds will sound very familiar.  Think Nintendo Super Mario Bros.  So here you have it, enjoy RadioheadKid A” in 8-bit.  Recently, blocked by EMI – But here is Idioteque in 8-bit.

I don’t link file sharing sites on feelnumb but you can find this awesome download on many of those sites.

Radiohead “OK Computer” Promotional Items

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