VOTE: Who’s The Hottest Smashing Pumpkins Bassist

The Smashing Pumpkins have had four bass players since their inception in 1988 and coincidently Billy Corgan has always chosen female bass players that are easy on the eyes.  Before you vote for the hottest one, here’a a breakdown of the girls that have rocked the stage with The Pumpkins

D’arcy Wretzky  (1988 – 1999)

D'arcy Wretzky Smashing Pumpkins Bass Player

D’arcy was a founding member of the band during it’s peak of popularity, she left The Smashing Pumpkins in 1999 during the recording of Machina: The Machine of God album to pursue an acting career.  Corgan later said she was “fired for being a mean spirited drug addict who refused to get help.”

 Melissa Auf der Maur (2000)

Melissa Auf der Maur Smashing Pumpkins Bass Hole

Melissa replaced D’arcy for the Machina “Sacred and Profane” Tour.  She was previously the bass player for the band Hole and stayed with The Pumpkins until the tour was over and the band officially broke up.

Ginger Reyes (2007 – 2010)

Ginger Reyes Smashing Pumpkins Bass Player

Ginger along with former SP guitarist James Iha replacement Jeff Schroeder joined the joined the new-line of The Pumpkins in April fo 2007 with original members Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin.  Ginger left the band in 2010 after getting married and having her first child.

Nicole Fiorentino (2010 – Present)

Nicole Florentino Smashing Pumpkins Bass

Nicole formerly in the band Veruca Salt replaced Ginger in 2010 and is still in the band.  She also falsely claimed to be the little girl on the cover of the Siamese Dream album.

So now, it’s your chance to vote.  Who is the hottest Smashing Pumpkins bass player???

The Smashing Pumpkins D’arcy Wretzky’s Not So Flattering Mugshot After Arrest

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