Brooke Shields The “Michael” Popstar Groupie (Jackson, George & Bolton)

Seems like in the 1980’s and early 90’s Brooke Shields was on a mission to date whoever was the big “Pop Superstar” named Michael.  Maybe  she was just out to get a lot of publicity, but the “Michael’s” she hung out with or dated have combined to sell around a Billion albums.  That’s right a Billion (1,000,000,000) albums.

Michael #1 – Michael Jackson

Brooke met MJ in the late 70’s and they became good friends.  They famously went on several high profile dates like the 1984 Grammy Awards and American Music Awards.  Shields claims Michael asked her to marry him several times but that their relationship was never sexual.

Michael Jackson Brooke Shields Dating Photo

Michael #2 – George Michael

Brooke claims George Michael broke it off with her the day she thought she was about to lose her virginity to him in a limo by saying, ‘We’ve got to take a break. I’ve got to concentrate on my career”.  Although George claims he almost seduced America’s most famous virgin, but when they entered her bedroom “for what I thought was going to turn into the Real McCoy,”  Brooke’s bed was surrounded by yellow police tape.  Michael says that’s when her mom, Teri Shields, and a security guard jumped out of hiding, yelling “Surprise!”, the next day he told Shields “we wouldn’t be seeing each other any more.”

George Michael Brooke Shields Dating

Michael #3 – Michael Bolton

After the first two “Michael’s” it’s obviously downhill, but Brooke also dated Michael Bolton and attended the 1991 Grammy Awards with him.  I don’t think this one lasted too long but it did give me a reason to put Michael Bolton in story and for that, “I forever thank you Brooke.”

Brooke Shields Michael Bolton Dating

I guess she never got around to Prince, but  Brooke was more of a “fame whore” groupie as opposed to a legit groupie.  To read about the all-time best groupie, click below…

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