Kurt Cobain Wearing Wife’s Band “Hole” Shirt

Rumors have always surrounded Kurt Cobain’s role in his wife’s Courtney Love’s band Hole.  Love detractors have always maintained that the majority of Hole’s breakthrough album “Live Through This” was written by Kurt Cobain.  The band members have always denied this but it’s apparent that Kurt did support his wife’s band, as you can see by this photo of him wearing a Hole shirt during a Nirvana concert on December 4, 1991 at The Academy in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Kurt Cobain Nirvana 1991 Hole Band Tee Shirt

The band logo on the shirt is similar to this early version of Hole’s band logo.

Hole Band Logo Shirt Kurt Cobain Courtney Love

The Hole “Live Through This” album was released on April 12, 1994 only four days after the body of Kurt Cobain was found.  Cobain did contribute background vocals on the track “Asking For It” but was not credited and he was not thanked on the album credits.  Funny thing is that Dave Grohl was thanked.

Kurt Cobain Wearing A Hoel Band Shirt Live 1991 Nirvana

Click the story below to see Kurt proclaim,

“I just want everyone in this room to know that Courtney Love, of the pop group Hole, is the best fuck in the world.”

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