David Gilmour Completely Re-Recorded “Money” For Pink Floyd Compilation Album

A Collection of Great Dance Songs is a compilation album by Pink Floyd released on November 23, 1981 on Harvest/EMI in the United Kingdom and Columbia Records in the United States.

Pink Floyd A Collection Of Great Dance Music Money (Remake) David Gilmour

The compilation only features six songs, One of These Days, Money, SheepShine On You Crazy Diamond (edit), Wish You Were Here and Another Brick in The Wall (part III) (edit).  In 1975, after the release of Dark Side of The Moon, Pink Floyd acrimoniously left Capital Records and signed with Columbia Records for a US $1M advance.  Years later Capital Records would seek revenge on Pink Floyd by refusing to license the song “Money” from Dark Side of The Moon to Columbia Records in the US for ” A Collection of Great Dance Songs” compilation.

No problem…David Gilmour re-recorded the entire track himself playing all of the drums, guitars, keyboards, bass guitar and vocals as well as co-producing the song with James Guthrie.  Dick Parry the original saxophonist on “Money” again contributed the sax solo.

The album credits on A Collection of Great Dance Songs for “Money” read…Originally from “Dark Side Of The Moon“, re-recorded at New Roydonia Studios 1981. Mixed at Producers Worskhop L.A. 1981.

A Collection Of Great Dance Songs Pink Floyd MOney Re-Recorded

There are some slight differences between the re-recorded version and original, mainly in some parts of the saxophone and guitar solos. Here’s the original version from DSOTM…

Gilmour is a genius, his re-recorded version of “Money” makes this album a must have.

Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” Cover Photo Location And Stuntmen

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