Taylor Hawkins “Freddie Mercury” Foo Fighters Drum Kit

Taylor Hawkins has had quite a few different kick drum skins, some of them include Goo Goo Dolls, Captain Beyond and Robbie Williams.  Foo Fighters and Hawkins are huge Queen fans so what better way to celebrate the life of one of your idols then by putting his face on your kick drum.

Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins Freddie Mercury Drum

The image of Mercury with sunglasses was taken from the cover of his first solo album “Mr. Bad Guy” release in 1985.

Freddie Mercury Mr. Bad Guy 1985 Drums Taylor Hawkins Foo Fighters

Being the huge Freddie Mercury fan that he is Hawkins helped kick off the build up to the charity event known as Freddie For A Day.  You basically spend a working day dressed as Freddie Mercury and encourage friends to sponsor you.

Taylor Hawkins Freddie Mercury Drum Kit 2012 Foo Fighters

 Here is the exact image used on Hawkins drum skin…

Freddie Mercury For A Day Taylor Hawkins Drums Foo Fighters

Finally, check out Taylor message to Freddie Mercury on his 65th birthday in 2011.

Taylor Hawkins’ The Beatles Inspired “Drop T” Logo Foo Fighter Drum Head

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