Mick Jagger’s Memorable Licking Of Ronnie Wood’s Lips And Face On SNL 1978

On October 7, 1978 The Rolling Stones were the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.  What made the otherwise average performance memorable is that Mick Jagger decided to lick Ronnie Wood’s lips and face during their performance of “Respectable“.

The Rolling Stones Saturday Night Live 1978 Ronnie Wood Mick Jagger Lick

Earlier in the show while performing “ShatteredMick had grabbed Ronnie’s crotch and ripped his shirt off.  Apparently, this was all fueled by the week-long partying with Jim Belushi.  Here’s the lick of the face, remember, this kind of stuff just didn’t happen on TV back them.

Now here are some more cute photos of Mick and Ronnie’s Bromance.  (BTW, love the New York Knicks basketball shorts and women’s blouse combo)

Mick Jagger Ronnie Wood Bromance Gay Photos

Mick Jagger Ronnie Wood Kissing The Rolling Stones

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