Amazing Rare Footage: Jimi Hendrix Jamming Acoustic Version Of “Hound Dog” Backstage 1969

On February 18, 1969,  The Jimi Hendrix Experience played a concert at The Royal Albert Hall in London, England.  Here’s a cool photo of the band during soundcheck that day.

Jimi Hendrix Royal Albert Hall Hound Dog February 18, 1969 BackstageIronically, the most amazing thing that happened that day was not on stage during the concert.  It was backstage, when Jimi Hendrix picked up an acoustic guitar and started jamming for a small crowd.

Jimi Hendrix Hound Dog Acoustic Version Backstage Royal Albert Hall 1969

With his girlfriend Monika Dannemann standing right up front, Jimi tunes up and rips into an amazing version of “Hound Dog“.  It’s so good you might have to watch it a few times.  Check it out…

A few years earlier at the same venue Jimi opened a concert with a cover The BeatlesSgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band“.

Jimi Hendrix Covered “Sgt. Pepper” Days After It’s Release In Front Of The Beatles

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