Watch Kurt Cobain Beat Some Idiot With His Guitar After He Grabs His Ass

Check this out…”Bleach Era” Nirvana is playing a show at Students’ Union, Leeds Polytechnic, Leeds, United Kingdom on October 25, 1990.  There’s tons of people moshing, jumping on stage and stage diving when some dumb ass come up behind Kurt Cobain and grabs his ass during the song “Stain” correction “Floyd The Barber“.

Kurt Cobain Nirvana October 25, 1990 Pissed Off Ass Grab Leeds

Cobain promptly swats the” Butt Pirates” hand away and tries to spit on him.

kurt cobain leeds october 25 1990 ass grab nirvana

The same idiot comes up on stage again during the next song “Big Cheese” and this time attempts to put his arm around Cobain who then violently pushes him away and smacks him with his guitar knocking the guy off stage.  Check out the video…

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