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Another Paul Is Dead Clue: Magical Mystery Tour Hidden Message “Love The 3 Beatles”

In The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour film, as the group performs “I Am the Walrus” in the outdoors, there are several clues to his death. On page “13” of the Magical Mystery Tour album insert there is a photo of McCartney playing bass in his socks with his pair of bloody shoes next to him, which of course signifies death.

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Q. Why Was Michael Jackson Sleeping In A Hyperbaric Chamber Such A Big Deal???

I recently saw an episode of the boxing show 24/7 that showed boxer Sergio Martinez climbing into a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber during his training to help his body recover quicker and to keep him feeling younger. Swimmer Michael Phelps apparently uses a similar chamber, as do Tiger Woods and Tim Tebow. It got me thinking, why was it such a big deal in 1986 when these photos appeared in The National Enquirer showing Michael Jackson sleeping in a Hyperbaric Chamber???

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