Pink Floyd’s Criss Crossed Hammer Logo From The Wall

I just came across the cool picture of Roger Waters taken in 1980 that shows him wearing a shirt with the criss cross hammers logo from Pink Floyd – The Wall Film.

Roger Waters Pink Floyd The Wall Patch Jacket Marching Hammers Double Hammer

The Hammers Logo made for the film was supposed to be similar to the Nazi Swastika.  Here’s the whole band wearing the patches for a photo shoot for The Wall Tour in Los Angeles with David Gilmour mocking the Nazi salute.

Pink Floyd The Wall Hammer Logo Band Photo The Wall Tour 1980

There are a million interpretations of what the “Hammers” logo means.  Here are a few…

1.  The Hammers have always been a symbol of Fascism.

2.  The Hammer shows that we are only tools for violence, we only know how to hurt.

3.  Hammers are used to build and to destroy.

4.  The Hammers are used to beat the nails (people) and to keep us in place until we get rusty and deformed at which point we are replaced.

5.  The Nazi party was originally about the workers, so what better way to mock it then with a hammer?

What do you think???

Pink Floyd Hammers Logo The Wall

The filmmakers didn’t want to blatantly use the Nazi symbols in the film so they came up with the hammers logo to be less offensive.  Here is the scene from The Wall that shows “The March of The Hammers” which is very similar to the Nazi Lambeth Walk during the song Waiting For The Worms.

Waters even brought the logo back for his The Wall Live Tour in 2011-2012.

roger waters the wall live 2012 hammers logo pink floyd

Pink Floyd was obviously mocking the Nazi Party but Jimmy Page during his “Nazi Phase” seemed to be paying homage to them.  Click below to check it out…

Jimmy Page’s SS Nazi Hat And Nazi Jack Boots

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